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The sedentary lifestyles have led to the emergence of several chiropractic problems that needs keen attention and care. Dr. Rook Torres is a certified well-known Boise chiropractor who offers the best chiropractic treatments to help you achieve your wellness goals. He owns his own medical center in Boise and specializes in offering your complete care in optimal charges. He diagnoses the root cause of any distress and releasing its stored potential, rather than masking the symptoms. His primary mission is to resolve back & neck pain, headache and other injuries using non-invasive chiropractic treatments to offer optimum health & wellness.

Dr. Rook Torres has helped several Boise residents who have suffered an auto injury by dynamically treating them (especially whiplash) & promoting overall well-being. The ultimate goal of his treatment is to combine chiropractic treatment with patient education on ergonomics, stretching and posture. Whiplash is basically a muscle, tendon and ligament damage caused to the upper back, resulting from the violent movement of head during auto accident. Its symptoms include back pain, neck pain & headache. Chiropractor Dr. Rook Torres helps you at each step to recover efficiently via non-surgical treatments. Often, symptoms of whiplash are delayed by weeks or even months after an auto injury. It’s quite important to know that an untreated and undiagnosed whiplash leads to unnecessary chronic pain for months & years and hence a professional examination including EMG is indispensable to avoid that.

The vast array of treatments offered by Dr. Rook Torres includes pediatrics & pregnancy chiropractic care, disc decompression and cervical traction, etc. Dr. Rook Torres is a well-qualified chiropractor Boise who had graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia with two degrees in chiropractic. He has published 4 books & dozens of original presentations on chiropractic care. He is also a childhood vaccination expert with 15 years of research and countless preparations in the field. The treatments offered by him are customized for each patient and includes natural therapies like mechanical traction, power plate exercises, musculoskeletal adjustments, whole body cryotherapy as well as distraction/ flexion therapy. He addresses improper support with custom orthotics and also guides on adopting optimal nutrition measures. Recapitulating, Dr. Rook Torres is your ultimate guide to cure your health problems in the most natural way.

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