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Pipe fabrication is the systematic process of designing and manufacturing premanufactured piping systems in companies. Amongst factories and industries, fabrication is also found in irrigation, fire protection and many other applications. It is important to ensure pipework is fabricated correctly; therefore clients must ensure that this is carried out by experienced manufactures. PT Pipe Fabrications is an experienced manufacture that supplies world class fabricated pipework for industries in numerous sectors.

PT Pipe Fabrications uses a good manufacturing process, which offers high grade fabrication options such as stainless steel fabrication, aluminium pipework fabrication and fabricated carbon steel pipework. The significance of an efficient and secured pipework system is extremely important as the pipework system would be responsible for the disposal of various chemicals, water and other toxic liquids. PT Pipe Fabrications understands this thoroughly and has a team of highly qualified professionals and highly trained technicians to deal with each client’s needs. The company has the advantage of having experienced set of hands and minds on board which they use to manufacture top quality and highly proficient pipe fabrication.

Fabricated pipework from PT Pipe Fabrications can be integrated in vast types of large scale industries such a sewage works and water treatment plants, paper mills, power stations, concrete manufacturing industries, food processing factories, breweries, and many other industries. Their fabricated pipe is also appropriate for transportation of raw material and finished products, oil, gas, steam, etc. The products such as pipes and fittings offered by PT Pipe Fabrications are outsourced from a reliable and recognised suppliers throughout the UK. The welders at PT Pipe Fabrications are well trained and dual certified to recognised standards for the purpose of pipe welding . Not just this, each part and section of pipework from the company can be stamped and logged on a welding register.

A lot of industries also feel the need of thorough testing of the pipes, PT Pipe Fabrications provides NDT testing to the clients, along with ultrasonic testing and full x-ray checks if required. Apart from pipework fabrication , PT Pipe Fabrications also provides state-of-the-art services of vessel fabrication, titanium pipe fabrication, fabricated skids and frameworks. So if your company is looking for the best service that can handle any pipe fabrication requirement with ease and excellence, you must choose PT Pipe Fabrications.

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