Paving Contractors can be your Greatest Renovation Ally

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Imagine living at a property where there was no pavement, only grass to park on. Now during a nice warm summer it would be no problem, since grass and dirt work just fine, but when it rains your car tires would slowly disappear into the ever softening ground. You find that your pleas to your landlady to install some pavement go unheeded and eventually you end up tearing up the grass royally as your car slowly sinks into the morass.

Don’t let that happen to you! Paving can be, and is, an important part of property ownership and stewardship. Paving contractors New Jersey can help reduce erosion damage, prevent chewing up your real estate like your nightmare above, and also significantly improve your property’s value. But how do you know who to pick?

Paving is a very important aspect to any community and paving contractors New Jersey doubly so. Whether it is snow, ice storms, rain, or even the odd flood or hurricane that comes your way, you need a pavement that will stand up to some of this country’s fiercest weather. Here are a few tips for finding that good contractor:


Many paving contractors Ocean County will tell you they do a good job but don’t just trust the recommendation from the business, what do their customers say? And if you have a recommendation from a friend or family member, it’s even better!

Do they explain terms well and invite questions?

This is something good paving contractors Ocean County do. If they are a reputable individual or business they will be open to questions or concerns. They will also explain the process and they will express any concerns they have as well. Case in point – a paving contractor once bid on doing the driveway of an old farm house. Instead of just promising the moon and no problems he pointed out a potential drainage issue that might cause erosion problems years down the line. It wouldn’t have affected his bid, or the job he would do, but because he was concerned about the longevity of the investment, he felt compelled to mention it. That was the mark of a contractor who doesn’t just do it for a job but takes pride in his work.

Avoid discount asphalt:

Did you know there are door to door asphalt sales men? There are! They will go down neighborhoods with claims of surplus asphalt they will sell to you cheap. A good rule of thumb is if you didn’t call them don’t hire them! You have no idea of the quality of their work or their asphalt.

Special considerations:

For those living in New Jersey this will come as no shock but you are living in a coastal state so if you happen to be in a city along the coast, it is important that you have contractors who know how to deal with saltwater and other costal issues, like good paving contractors in Ocean County will.

Remember, paving is not just about aesthetics, it’s about property investment so find the right paving contractor New Jersey for you.

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