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Hard Head Veterans is a leading web-based company in United States that offers best quality ballistic and tactical helmets at optimal prices. They are a veteran-owned small business that endeavors to provide different kinds of helmets for extra protection. They have experienced staff members who are associated to military and law enforcement and this make them to offer better products at affordable prices. They are the veterans of US army and their ballistic helmets are one of the most important utilities when it comes to personal safety and protection in combat situations. For military, this accessory is a necessity rather than choice. Hence, Hard Head Veterans (HHV) put a combination of skilled craftsmanship and competitive pricing in all of their products.

The bullet-proof ballistic helmet offered by HHV has been manufactured from the finest ballistic protection fabrics such as Kevlar and dyneema. They strive to offer you the products offering highest levels of protection, comfort and weight to carry them conveniently. Their ballistic helmets are ideal for combat operations. They also offer you the option to customize helmets as per your set of choice and preferences. The ATE ballistic helmets are one of the standardized products used by military, security and law enforcement personnel. The prolific team of Hard Head Veterans (HHV) understands the level of protection required by these groups and hence, offers best NIJ protection levels in their products.

They manufacture the shell and purchase the rest things from the companies specializing in shrouds, pads and liners. For compatibility recommendations, they offer a list of leading brands offering the same on their website that you can choose from. They use assembled parts certified by NIJ labs for 100% authentic testing in US. All of their products including fast helmets and Special Forces helmet undergo standardized lab tests and audits to ensure highest quality offerings. You can even check their lab testing reports by sending an email request to them. HHV has a broad network of manufacturers from all over the world who are experts at testing, assembling and certification in US. They source authentic parts of their each product from Asia, Europe and internationally.

You can also find high-quality combat helmet on their reputed online store.

For more details, log on to hardheadveterans.com

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