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Design, innovation and know-how are the key tools for winning in the competitive global market. The functioning and popularity of a product depends solely on its design and material. A product is diversified by its design and an innovative product design grasps the attention of people which contributes to the sale maximization of a product.

PQ Design Studio is a leading Italian design studio that offers services including industrial design, product design and branding. Piero Quintiliani, the design manager, works for Italian and international companies like Addex design, Telecom Italia etc. This Italian Design Studio works to create and develop the corporate identity with a global view; from the brand to the point of sale, the catalog and website. From the product to its distribution and selling, applying corporate values, they do all sorts of things! Their team of professionals stands out in the market because of their reliable services and professionalism that have marked in 13 years of being in this business. With their expertise in both design and branding, they collaborate with their customers to create innovative products as per their needs. Enthusiasm and passion have always characterized their work, they’re capable to understand the needs of the clients and respond to their demands with creativity and expertise. They also manage an ideal and consistent communication with their consumers.

PQ Design Studio develops advanced websites and product interfaces; design the product packaging, its identity and evaluate their positioning in the market. Their industrial design studios has technological working surface organized to provide excellent services such as company identity, bathroom design, software interface design, exhibition design, appliances design, design for health care and wellness, multimedia design, production management. Till date, they have efficiently designed water dispensers for offices, hotels, public places, etc. They have also designed welding equipments for the Chinese brand WTL, and electronic cigarette Jinjia, for the latest generation. They are also well established in Singapore, India, and Hong Kong, Malaysia.

About PQ Design Studio

PQ Design Studio is a leading studio that offers the best-in-class Italian product design and many other innovative products with optimized performance, fine-quality materials, effective price, packaging and marketing. They are known for their quality, originality and effective services.

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