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While travelling around a busy country like UK, you would likely to save your valuable time along with the money. This can be done by choosing a 50 motorcycle. A 50 motorcycle are light weighed and powerful. Ithas a 4-stroke engine capacity and can run at an average speed of around 30mph.

The 50cc motorcycle has several benefits than safe riding:

  • Maneuverability:

The 50cc motorcycle can help you around weaving with the cars in heavy traffic jams. These are small motorcycles that can fit through gaps in traffic and you need to spend less time during crossroads and traffic lights.

  • Inexpensive licenses:

The 50cc motorcycle is the best choice for inexpensive method of travel as you just need to pay about £100 for issuing license for valid driver to drive the bikes. It does not need the motorcycle license similar to 125cc motorcycles.

  • Short Training:

It requires a less amount of time to get trained to drive motorcycles. This training includes on-road training, riding and basic driving.

  • Low fuel consumption:

These are efficient 4 strokes engines that are less fuel consuming compared to other motorbikes.

  • Tax and insurance:

Along with fuels, you can save a huge amount for tax and insurance by having a license to ride a motorcycle. The road tax for 50cc motorcycle is approximately £16 per year.

In addition to all these, 50cc motorcycles have many more benefits specifically during tough economic times. Plus, they are easy to maintain and have low maintenance cost with effective fuel savings too.

However, the performance and speed depends on the cubic centimeters of the bike. Usually, motorcycles are available in 50cc, 100cc, 125cc and many more with different performance output.

Being the number 1 seller of the 50cc and 125cc motorcycle bikes with exclusive styles and eye-catching colors, Direct Bikes can recommend you the bike insurance too along with unlimited warranty of mileage for 1 year.

About Direct Bikes:

Direct Bikes is a reputable company in United Kingdom that provides UK motorcycle at affordable rates.

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