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What makes you stand out of the crowd are your ideas. How efficiently you can present your ideas to the world can make you a successful entrepreneur. When you have an amazing and original business idea in your mind, you might have some or a lot of questions about how to finally start the business and work towards it. Setting up a business is full of complexities and when someone with immense experience shares their practical knowledge about implications, due diligence and strategies of a business, it is an opportunity that shouldn’t be avoided.

Mr. Magnus Kjoller is an entrepreneur with enormous knowledge about business commencements and strategies. Over the last 15 years Mr. Magnus Kjoller has started, sold and invested more than 30 companies and now, he has put up all his experience, due diligence and practical knowledge into a book that consist of 500 questions which is “500 Questions to Ask Before Starting Selling or Investing in a Business”. The questions presented in the book are those which an aspiring entrepreneur already might have in their mind or you should as to yourself.

Mr. Magnus Kjoller has worked across various industries such as pet food, hotel booking, magazine publishing, real estate and a professional hockey team. For a business to blossom in the market, get you profits and to make it go viral, the right there are 20 core business areas that are to be focused and taken care of which are marketing, sales, corporate structure, finance, competitors, etc. These 20 core areas whose strategic planning can make you a pro in your business handling techniques have been discussed in this book.

Starting up a new business, investing a fortune into a business idea or selling a business, this book has got all the answers to your queries which will probably want to think twice about whatever your future steps are. Mr. Magnus Kjoller has been in all the three situations mentioned above in the last 15 years, keeping his every extreme experience in his mind he has written this book on due diligence questions and shared his knowledge with business aspirants with big dreams in their eyes.

So if you are someone who has a great idea in your mind and a lot of unanswered questions too, reading “500 Questions to Ask before Starting Selling or Investing in a Business” is going to help you out in a lot of aspects.

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