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With around 2.4 billion followers and adherents all around the world, Christianity is see as the largest religion in the world. Christianity is largely based on life, teachings and sermons of Jesus Christ and it is mentioned and recorded in the New Testament, the ancient Christian scripture that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he saved the world from all sin. Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of humanity and that he is the chosen messiah in Israel and many other parts of the world. The origin Christianity lies in Judea from where it spread swiftly to Europe, Latin America, Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor and many other countries. However, the untiring works of missionaries in spreading the wisdom and knowledge of Christ ensured it reach to continents such as Australia, Africa, South Asia and other parts of the world.

Unfortunately many followers of Christianity are still unaware of the power found in their own religion owing to the fact that they have little knowledge of the teachings and reincarnation of Christ and His Holy Spirit. However, for such followers of Christianity who want to gain knowledge about their religion and other enthusiasts whowant to learn more about this faith can get detailed facts of the various facets of the religion can refer to is a signposting website which provides links to some informative websites which are based on Christianity. With you can explore different faces of Christianity, Christian faith and can explore more about how Jesus suffered for the sins committed by humans to save his children. From this portal you can access websites like, and and more, where you can read plenty of articles and blogs that provide rich knowledge of Christianity and the Gods power. All the signposted websites can help you understand the love of God to help you build a strong bond with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the almighty Father. With, you can learn about the Christian faith not onlyonline, but also as in person as there are a few websites that provide you an opportunity to attend personal sessions on Christianity.

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