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Chripan Agency Ltd
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Chipran Agency is one of the leading and the most trusted shipping companies in Cyprus that provides highest quality of transportation service. They treat your products with extreme professionalism and care. They assure you to handle and monitor your order during the whole shipment procedure.

A few services offered by Chipran Agency include:

  • Chartering and broking:

The ship broking is a financial service and used to ship the cargoes and large shipments amid buyers and sellers of items.

  • Logistics department:

The logistics department controls the forwarding and storing of the goods along with the detailed information required to cater all your requirements.

  • Ship supply:

The ship supply includes the dispatch of the equipments or other supplies for ships.

  • Bunker Service:

The bunking services include the supply of fuels and similar petroleum products for its usage in ships.

  • Marine and port services:

It primarily oversees the marine ports and includes pilotage and tugging services, ship repairmen and stevedoring services too along with the maintenance and clearance of marine facilities.

  • Intrastat and cargo insurance:

It makes convenient for you to import and export your goods through one point of contact to offer you a better shipment solution along with their indemnity coverage.

Founded in 1988, Chipran Agency is providing you excellent shipping agency services to cater all your shipping needs. They strive hard to ship all your cargoes and group them in the port at the same time. Plus, they have the precise expertise and skills needed in this dynamic market to meet all the current needs. No consignment is too big or small for them.

Chipran Agency provides you the customs clearance services with comprehensive end-to-end service including warehousing and handling of all types of cargo. All you need is just to complete your formalities and other documentation for assurance. Plus, you can avail the insurance for all your goods to be shipped with their agency.

In addition to this, they keep you updated with the progress of your item and work strictly to deliver it before deadline.

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