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To drive on a scooter is a matter of pride in itself. You don’t have to spend much on fuel and maintenance and you can enjoy driving freely with confidence. If you are an avid scooter enthusiast, then you must be searching for scooters for sale that give better performance, with high cc engines, extra mileage and immaculate auto design. A scooter is not just a vehicle when you own it; you enjoy plenty of its advantages while you have it.

The modern day scooters from some trussed brands have some unique features like:

  • They are fully automatic and have both electric push button start and kick start, for user comfortability.
  • You can keep your extra shopping bags under its seat and lock it. So your things are safe under your seat!
  • It consumes less fuel as compared to cars or public transports and causes minimal pollution. Thus, making them eco-friendly medium of conveyance.
  • The scooters are designed with a sporty outlook with industrial grade aerodynamics that allows you to go on for miles saving more than 60% of your journey time.
  • You don’t have to search a proper parking space wasting your time, due to its compact size you can park it in a small space no hustle.
  • It comes in pattern blends of 2-3 colors in a single model, so you can choose your favourite eye-catchy pattern while buying.

These days’ scooters are faster in just a slight acceleration, covering miles of distance in few minutes with ease. They are available in varieties of 50cc, 150cc and 250cc, but can extend to more than 250cc known as maxi-scooters.You can choose according to which driving speed you prefer based on your kind of usage for driving. 50cc generally goes for 35 to 40 miles an hour with best mileage,150cc typically goes for 50-60 miles per hour especially if you are running it on highway it and saves you a lot of bucks. 250cc mostly gives 75miles per hour and if you are a high-speed rider, then this is the best model for you.

There are various suppliers of scooters, but only some provide you the best scooters with features that you want. Direct Bikes is the no.1 scooter brand in UK supplying plethora of petrol scooter with different engine types. Moreover, they also offer reliable insurance facility of ‘Scoot Scoot’ and vehicle financing options for their customers.

About Direct Bikes:

UK’s No.1 scooter brand, Direct Bikes, supplies eco-friendly petrol scooters with sporty and enchanting looks. They offer 50cc Ninja, 125cc Sports Cruiser and many more to visit here at competitive prices. For more information, see

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