Equine Clipping Services

Equine Clipping Services
Offering a clipping service in Liskeard, Callington and Looe.
Prices include mileage within a 5 mile radius of Liskeard. Outside areas including Looe and Callington, up to a 12 mile radius of Liskeard are charged at a flat rate of £2.50.

The clippers that I use are mains powered Lister Star and Legato Trimmers. Please ensure that horses are clean and dry and preferably bathed the day before for clipping.

Hunter Clip
Although most of the coat is removed, the hunter clip gives the horse protection from the saddle and helps keeps the legs warm and protected. Many people choose to leave half of the head on for extra warmth and protection.
Price £30

Blanket Clip
By leaving some hair on in an area not prone to sweating, the horse gets extra warmth but without excessive sweating when working.
Price £25

Chaser Clip
Very similar to a blanket clip but helps keep the muscles on the top of the neck warm too.
Price £25

Trace Clip – High or Low
The trace clip is very similar to the chaser clip but only half of the neck hair is removed and the head hair is either left on completely or only partially removed.
Price £20

Irish Clip
The Irish clip is fairly quick and simple to do, making it ideal for young horses and those in light work.
Price £20

Bib Clip
The bib clip removes only a small amount of hair from the front of the neck and chest. Some people also choose to continue the clip so that is runs partially under the belly too.
Price £10
07795 571720
Liskeard, Looe and Callington

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Equine Clipping Services

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