Horse crisis! RSPCA appealing for new legislation to protect horses

Horse Crisis in England and Wales

The RSPCA, together with major horse charities are appealing to the government to strengthen the law to combat the rising cases in horse abandonments. Rescue centres are at crisis point, unable to deal with the vast number of cases and are running over-capacity already. Over 800 horses were taken in at rescue centres across England and Wales in 2013 alone, the highest recorded number ever.

What the RSPCA are asking for:

  • In England – introduction of legislation targeting ‘fly grazing’ (abandoning horses on private land without permission) to make it easier for enforcement agencies and landowners to take action and protect horses who have been abandoned.
  • In Wales – enforcement of exisiting legislation on ‘fly grazing’ (abandoning horses on private land without permission).
  • An overhaul of the failing horse passport system that is intended to link horse with owner. A staggering 70 per cent of horses we receive have no identified owner.

Help fight the horse crisis

  • Join the RSPCA in calling on the Government in Westminster to take urgent action.
  • Have you got space for a little one? We desperately need new foster parents for horses to keep them from harm.
  • Considering buying a horse or pony? Why not give a rescued animal a second chance instead?
  • Help the horses in care by sponsoring a stable!
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RSPCA Equine crisis

RSPCA Equine crisis – An infographic created by the RSPCA

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