Riders from Cornwall Farmers are in training for a new equestrian challenge

Riders from Cornwall Farmers in training

The team taking on the Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach at Watergate Bay will comprise equine buyers Isobel Hanson from Mabe and Grace Palmer from Truro, and digital marketing assistant Helen Ansell from Praze, who have many years’ experience with young horses, race horses, show jumpers and long-distance riding.

The trio will compete in a relay race against the Cornwall Team in the main ring on July 6.

Andy Burgess of South West Polo has been training us. We’re all keen riders but this was a rare chance to work with polo ponies. During the race each team will complete a number of circuits in the fastest time. It’s going to be an all-action challenge and I’m sure it will be great fun for spectators watching, who we hope will be cheering us on.Ms Hanson, equine category manager

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